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Suggested Pulse of America Actions #1

Dear AdSeller Partner:

This is the first suggested action we think you should take with the 2018 Pulse of America (POA) data.  If you have not received your state or regional copy, please let me know and we'll get it to you right away.  This 220+ page report is the data behind your AdSeller success, but it is so much more - that's why we've come up with these suggestions!

Our goal is to send a new short (< three minutes) clip every week for the next 15 or so weeks.  A few "suggested actions" will likely be combined so the final count is a bit uncertain till we've recorded them.  We hope each action will be easy to execute and immediately have revenue, audience or brand value.  However, we know there will be occasions when existing priorities will take precedence.  We'll eventually have this archived so you'll perpetually have them as a resource.

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Please tell us what you think?  Does this format work for you? (We can always revert to email, but this enewsletter platform is easy to manage)  Is there a critical topic we need to cover?  Most importantly, do the suggestions actually work?  That's all we want to be sure happens - more AdSeller value for you!

Good Selling!


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