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Happy Holidays!

To prepare for Thanksgiving you get a smorgasbord – thoughts from two conferences (travel!?) and a real-life anecdote which I’m sure will resonate …

… In late August I ordered a case of wine from a very small production winery in Paso Robles.  One of those gotta be “on the list”, friend-of-a-friend or you won’t find it operations.

I received the appropriate order confirmation, alerting me the wine would ship in early October.  So far, so good.  When I didn’t get any shipping notice by mid-month, I sent a note to the proprietor who told me it would, “ship tomorrow.”   At the end of the first week in November I checked again and received a thorough explanation of the delay and was again assured it would ship “this week”. 

When I hit the “post” button on this enewsletter the wine had still not arrived, but I have received a shipping alert, so I expect it will arrive shortly.

I can see some of you prompting me – “Get to your point, Sammy!?” 

Simply This:  Over communicate and set realistic expectations!

Life happens – everyone understands that.  With a teeny bit of thought and consideration, it should be easy to let a customer OR friend know plans or outcomes have changed, the reason(s) why and what they should now expect, ALONG WITH a sincere apology if appropriate.  PERIOD.   We can do this, can’t we?!

(Hint:  Don’t do this all the time but set expectations so you can occasionally EXCEED them!)


From recent travels or conferences, the following caught my attention …

AI AI AI AI AI is everywhere and all the time, right?

We’ve been inundated and then some!  Who woulda thought the world would know (or care) what a “large language model” is?  No doubt there’s reason to be both anxious and excited about how AI might empower what you do or dramatically disrupt your world.

The one media-related AI observation which truly made me stop and think goes something like this:

Most present-day mainstream media is a one-to-many business model; AI will allow media to move to a one-to-one model.

Contemplate that, Grasshopper!

Loved this …

The National Press Institute for Audience Growth conducted a live demonstration of the technology behind their carrier recruiting and hiring platform and IF it can consistently deliver carrier prospects as claimed it is a veritable game-changer!

The key takeaways?  A 14 X greater pool of candidate carriers when compared against traditional methods; and, both service improvement and cost reduction.

This is a challenge I’ve heard from literally EVERY client and prospect I’ve interacted with in the past three years.  If you’d like more information I’ll gladly do an intro with the principals.  Or go HERE. Before you ask, the technology DOES apply to other disciplines.

(BTW, the folks who developed this solution are newspaper operators first!  They know full well what works and doesn’t work, and it appears they have figured out a better way!)

… Finally, this’ll be really interesting to watch!  Many (OK – some) will recall the Local Information Connection Utility.  This was the direction Newspaper’s Next counseled the industry to consider 15+ years ago. The idea was to figure out what “jobs needed to be done” and to help our industry determine how to best leverage the internet to serve their respective communities.  The technology to make that happen really didn’t exist, but as Guy Tasaka explained, it does now – he calls it, “Media 3.0”.

Every consumer or business has dozens of local resources to help navigate lives, their business or charitable operations.  Think>

  • Traffic
  • Crime
  • Events
  • Marketplaces
  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Directories
  • Store closures/Openings
  • Best prices
  • Sales
  • Things to do?
  • Public notices
  • Obits (though I’d call ‘em Life Tributes)
  • Restaurants – new, old, reviewed, etc.
  • Things to do?
  • Opinion
  • Analysis
  • Governmental and official scrutiny
  • Databases galore
  • Schools
  • Weather
  • Etc.

Perhaps NOW is the time all this (and more) can live on an open source, easily verifiable Media 3.0 site that once upon a time we called a newspaper?

We’ll see.

Here’s hoping you’ve enjoyed this November Nosh and everyone has a delightful and safe Thanksgiving!

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