Beyond the Horizon


Good Morning!

This will probably resonate with anyone and certainly those in sales –

It’s gotten harder and HARDER to get an appointment, a returned call, an answered email or sometimes even the acknowledgment of your existence, right?  With that reality in mind, let me seek your advice:

This is an email I’m contemplating sending to a particularly frustrating prospect.  Please let me know what you think – The question is, “Should I send this or not?”  Results to follow next month!

Dear ______:

As a sales executive I live for “yesses”.  Sometimes hearing ‘yes’ is even more gratifying than any potential commissions involved!  I can certainly handle a “no”.  It will be a disappointment but will quickly get over it knowing there are plenty of others I can help! 

What I find completely unacceptable is no response at all!  Good old-fashioned, common courtesy suggests a reply or call back, so would you please do so – it would be appreciated.


Send or no?  What say you?

Hope summer is treating everyone well.  Keep it that way!

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