Beyond the Horizon

JULY 2020

Good Day, Mates!

Have you had enough Zoom, Hangouts or Go To Meetings lately?  Then take a break and s-l-o-w-l-y read this…

Where do you stand on this debate?

  • The spate of virtual meetings we’ve had during COVID times proves incontrovertibly that we really don’t need offices and can be every bit as productive remotely.


  • Remote and virtual environments have been invaluable and a testament to human resilience, but nothing can replace face-to-face interaction when it comes to innovation and productivity.


  • A combination/variation that melds both?

I’d love to hear what you think – don’t be shy.

In the meantime, let me offer observations I bet are consistent yours:

For context, everyone should know I’ve worked from a home office for about a dozen years now.  I’d estimate 95% of my time, income and production are only possible as a result of telecommunications technology.  Most of my current career (s) would simply NOT exist without Zoom or a similar platform.

Having said that, let’s be 100% clear there ARE limits!

  • It’s truly very difficult to stay focused on one person or group of persons for extended periods of time.  If you’ve not figured this out yet, there’s FAR MORE texting “off-screen” or ‘under the camera” than ever occur during carbon-based interactions.  When conducting or participating in these meetings, accept the fact there will be “multitasking”.
  • I use quotes on that word since TRUE multitasking is pretty close to impossible.  Yes, everyone can “walk and chew gum”, but complex tasks or thinking SUFFERS demonstrably when one tries to do things in parallel.  PERIOD.
  • The skill that’s worthwhile and to be developed is Fast Focusing.  Moving from task-to-task with as much focus as you can muster on each and completely putting the completed behind you!
  • With all that in mind, provide multiple breaks in your virtual meetings and try to “wrap up” each topic with specific conclusions, takeaways or tasks that everyone acknowledges.

Changing gears>

Everyone has more time on their hands, but seemingly and counter-intuitively less of it is “ours”!  That might be a function of RIF’s or furloughs or any of a number of reasons.  Despite that reality, here’s a suggestion I hope you’ll consider.  Correction, one I strongly recommend!

Make a commitment to deliver OVERTHETOP customer service to one client or customer this week.  Do it again next week and the week after.  Once you’ve mastered one per week, increase it to two.  Then three.  One a day would be ideal!

The word I associate with OVERTHETOP customer service is “WOW!”

Start keeping track of the WOWS you get or deliver.  I can absolutely guarantee that if you advance to the point that “WOW” is a somewhat common customer reaction, you will have become invaluable.  That’s about as good as it can get!

See you next month.  Or, sooner if you’d like a really focused zoom call, just let me know;)!

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