Beyond the Horizon

May 2020

May Greetings:

If you’re like most, all-of-a-sudden you have far more time on your hands even though it seems like you are spending about a zillion hours each month on Zoom, Go To Meeting or Hangouts, right?  I’m wondering, from a professional standpoint, what are you doing with this extra time?

Doesn’t it make sense to create/begin keeping what might be called a list of SILVER LININGS?  You got it, keep track of the skills you’ve started to develop or observations that will serve you or actions taken that WILL end up becoming a silver lining to an otherwise pretty bleak and difficult-to-fully-get-your-head-around time.

What would be on YOUR list?

To get you started, here are a few populating my list you can feel free to steal, modify or reject out-of-hand.  The first two are related>

  • What will I do with what I’ve learned?

Perhaps better zoom etiquette, a new sales training certification or mastering some new computer skill, but will I further hone that talent or abandon it as the new normal manifests?  To be sure it becomes a silver lining, I darn sure better build upon a successful start!  (Clearly, this implies I/you actually learned something new during these times. That IS happening, right?)

  • What did I do (am I doing) during these goofy months to help others or myself once “normal” times return?  Actions that will improve life afterward?

This could be a personal and humanitarian gesture like making masks or delivering food to the elderly.  Or, it might be offering training or sharing expertise while COVID-19 times prevail?

  • Of course, the flip side of is – and, do NOT let this happen – what do I wish I had done and regret I didn’t.  

No one wants regrets, but they are even more annoying when you really COULD have done something magical yet missed the chance.

In myriad ways we’re communicating one-to-one more than ever.  More zooms, phone calls, more texts.  It’s just that most of that interaction isn’t “live”.  With that being the case, let me strongly ENCOURAGE –

  • If you don’t have a message on your mobile device that identifies yourself, Do It Now.  (Not just the number, the NAME)
  • Related, under no circumstances, should your voice-mailbox be full or not set up.  What are you thinking?
  • When you do answer your phone, IDENTIFY yourself, for Pete’s Sake, would you?  Do not just say “hello”!

You know who you are, so modify this behavior!

Finally, each of us has seen, heard or read about something amazing in these times – so, find the time to THANK whomever is involved in that amazing act.  An email, note, call, text, or shout-out on social media but an expression of appreciation is a gift to all, so be generous!

If you get a second, reply with a silver lining or two from your world!

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