Beyond the Horizon

JULY 2019

Summer Greetings:

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I’ll get emotional this month.  If that makes you uncomfortable, read no further.

CONFESSION:  I’ve been playing with this subject for four or five months.  After several false starts, it finally crystallized while on a Stairmaster listening to the Hans Zimmer movie soundtrack from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. I’ve actually never even seen this animated movie, yet the music still makes me weepy.


Just hearing these magical sounds vividly brings to mind the image of an Appaloosa sprinting across the plains, hooves a blur, mane flying, galloping like the wind.  It’s a beautiful vision of nature at its’ best.  To me, this conjures up thoughts of our special place in the universe (if it really is special!), our Creator and what each of us should be doing to justify our uniqueness?  This always fills me with emotion.

What makes you tear up?

Other sure things?  The National Anthem!  Every time I put my right hand across my heart it brings to mind lives lost (military, family, friends, etc.), causes compromised or decency abandoned and my eyes are moist.

A colorful sunset, speckled with multicolored, billowy clouds, seagulls and the sound of waves crashing on the shore?  You guessed it, TEARS!

(There’s always a chance to catch that mystical green flash.  That’d really get the water flowing!)

Before I hang up my figurative or literal rate card, I WILL experience the Northern Lights.  That’s a promise.  No doubt that’ll bring an unprecedented gusher.

I could rattle off a dozen-plus more examples from the w-a-y understandable to the “Are You Kidding Me?” reasons, but given the timeliness, let me share a BIGGIE we’re all reliving - the July 20th, 1969 moon landing!

For those who were alive when we landed on the “magnificent desolation” of the Moon, you’ll surely recall it as a unifying and incredibly transcendental experience?  Especially when contrasted to the toxic political world we live in today.  It is, shall we say, “regrettable”, to acknowledge how far we’ve collectively fallen and how unlikely it is that we’d even contemplate any such grand goal?  In the case of our Apollo program, my eyes moisten out of pride of accomplishment and profound sadness at the current reality.







Correction: Substitute CAN for Could!

Friends and many readers will know the “what makes Sammy cry” threshold is already exceedingly low, so are probably asking, “What’s the frigging point?”

Simply this: humans crave experiences and emotions.  It’s what we seek and remember and are most meaningful.  If you disagree in the slightest, think again – I AM right about this!

If the only thing media - any channel you can think of - does is report facts, perform the analysis, conduct an interview and publish old and/or 3rd party content then media will not survive.

We MUST capture Moments, we definitely must convey the emotions of the events and stories we’re covering and we absolutely, positively HAVE TO express and share those feelings with all readers, visitors, attendees, partners, and ANY relationship in our ecosystem so they FEEL what we do.

Read that last paragraph again! 

Yet, this time think about the word, “relationship”!  You will merely have a transactional (and, therefore subject to pricing issues!!) connection with customers if more feelings are not shared.  It takes humans, not databases or algorithms, to create relationships!

I’ve published this monthly enewsletter for 20 years or so.  That translates to approximately 240 installments.  This is a theme I revisit regularly.  I don’t think any point I’ve made is more important.

That’s my Independence Day/July wish for you.  Have a splendid and safe rest of the summer.

P.S.  I double-dog-dare someone to ask me “how” to best convey all those emotions!

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