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JUNE 2019

Thoughts For The Day:

I’m calling this e-newsletter Random Access.  Here’s why – I keep a stack of ideas, articles or scribbled notions clamped together that are fodder for upcoming efforts.  It’s close to a half inch thick right now and I’m tired of lugging it around.  My solution? 

  • Unclamp it
  • Drop it
  • Grab three or four of my scraps
  • Write
  • Send
  • Hope something resonates with someone!

1.  I think one of the most interesting content elements local media should be covering relates to technology.  Every one of us is using technology we do not understand.  Think mobile devices, the data FB and Google capture, street cameras, automated toll devices, smart speakers, geofencing, facial recognition, smartwatches and the list goes on and on >>>

What is done with “my” data?  Are there unintended consequences?  When I read about the big data breaches that regularly occur, what does that really mean to me?  How do I take control of this information?

Traditional (or legacy if you prefer) news and information sources could play a very meaningful role in helping the communities they serve UNDERSTAND technology and what it means and how it impacts us!  As with any outlet, it will be very important to localize and make the content relevant to me!”

2.  Have you ever done this – left something in a rental car?  Sure you have.  I left a set of keys (fortunately not my car keys) in a recent rental – here’s the tale:

Halfway through my flight home I realized what I’d done.  The inevitable hollowness in the pit of your stomach followed.  However, AVIS has (and, I assume others, as well) a section on their website dedicated to Lost & Found.

Once back in my office I filled out a description of the left behind article (every example you can imagine was displayed), time, rental car location and agreement number, contact information, etc.  My case was assigned a number and I was told to expect communication if and once my keys were found.

There were literally thousands of lost articles from the DFW Airport Avis Rental Facility and confess that I didn’t have high hopes.  However, within a day I received an email that the keys had been located!

Here’s the kicker - I was offered several How to Return options.  I didn’t need them right away, so the standard and slowest was $32.  If the timing was crucial and the lost item was needed quickly it could be expedited and the charge was double that.

So, what once must have been the bane of rental car companies’ existence is now a healthy income stream!  I’d be willing to bet there’s even a bit of margin in the whole process.  Isn’t that interesting?

[It also makes me wonder how they might use the data they capture about their customer base who lose items?  See #1]

3.  I'm not sure where I read this or even if my attribution is 100% accurate.  Regardless, it is SUPERB advice…

When speaking of email, Beth Ford, CEO of Land O’Lakes says, “…Don’t write me a novel, I won’t read it.  I just don’t have the time.  Instead, write in the subject line what this is about.  Tell me upfront is a decision needed, do you just need me to look at something or is it a ‘when I have time’, so I can prioritize and be responsive when I need to be.”

What terrific counsel - I hope EVERYONE who reads this will immediately adopt and share. 

You’re Welcome!

4.  Longtime readers and even recent recruits will recognize one of the frequent themes of this monthly screed is to ThINk Differently

Well, the designers and architects and whatever body approved and paid for this public library in Calgary surely did.  How cool is this?!  Definitely not what you would expect a library to look like, it is?

Cheers to all.  Have a fantastic summer.  Let me hear from you!

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