Beyond the Horizon

MAY 2019

Good Day:

Well, actually it was one of THOSE days - you know the kind I'm talking about!

I’m not going to bore you with every specific, but this image pretty well sums it up.  Ugh!

It seemed like every planned action or attempted call or even every stoplight I approached was against me.  Further reinforcement that the little things add up and genuinely matter!  There are plenty of occasions I think they might be more important – or, at least on even keel – with big issues!

Here’re three lowlights of the annoying “little things” I dealt with>

  • A last minute email from an important prospect (btw, they are ALL important!) which said, “Sammy: Cannot make our demo this morning.  Something came up.”

[Life happens and interrupts.  Everyone gets that.  But, this was a 6 am call for me.  At least suggest another time or two and say “sorry”!  Damnit!]

  • Similarly, another prospect I have been courting for several years said, “No”.  It goes without saying this was via email!  Then elaborated by saying, “…we’re going in another direction.”  How illuminating!

[For the record, as a sales-guy I LIVE for “yesses”, but I’m 100% fine with getting turned down.  That’s sales.  I’m disappointed for a time, but don’t dwell on it.  Why not?  It happens and I have too many splendid prospects who will fall prey to my charms – and great current clients – to get hung up about a single rejection.  But, for Pete’s Frigging Sake, provide a little bit of information to help me understand the decision.  Was it price?  Something internal?  A competitor with a better “mouse trap”?  (Inconceivable!)  Or, maybe I misspelled your name?  Garden-variety common courtesy is all I ask.  Exactly what you expect, too.

Here’s when the day really went south.  I had to call the customer service line for one of my AT&T accounts.  Everyone has lived through these torturous experiences, yet don’t they ALWAYS manage to exceed expectations?  I’ll just leave it at that, as I know you feel my pain

Each of us has these interactions or disappointments all the time.  Thankfully, most of the time, they are spread out and are not quite as annoying.  That’s called LIFE.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

My 6 am “no show” could have displayed a modicum of politeness…my almost client could have been a bit more forthcoming…and, AT&T, err, well, I’m not sure about something on that scale; but imagine if consumer’s regularly had a good customer service experience how much favorably they’d think about a HELPFUL and CARING brand?

On one hand, it’s easy to blow off a scheduled meeting and assume it can be reset.  “Going another direction” is an easy “answer” even though it communicates squat.

Yet, here’s the reality – most of the time it’s equally “easy” to be considerate, to pay a bit more attention, to respect one’s time and do what’s right THE FIRST TIME.

You’re Mom or Grandpa or that special teacher or mentor was 100% right when admonishing you to “do it right the first time”, yet that’s a lesson that warrants repeating…

…Doing it right the first time will ultimately be the EASY way. 

Now, don’t you forget that!

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