Beyond the Horizon

APRIL 2019

For Your Reading Pleasure:

Given the name of this enewsletter, what do you think is at the Top of my Mind?


It also provides the perfect segue for me to shed some “light” I hope you find interesting…

…I’ve heard – and, know you have, too – this criticism. It applies to any business.  Lack of focus!  Every time a new “shiny object” (aka cool new technology) is available management either jumps on board or asks the “team” to evaluate it.  Most of the time there’s little thought given as to how and if it relates to long-term strategic thinking.  IF such a thing exists!

I attribute this line to John Leahy.  He joined KIND snacks in 2010 and helped them grow dramatically by staying focused.  In his words, “…we can’t do everything!  Let’s prioritize and do a few things really well, rather than a ton of things less well!”

There’s no question BIG and new are worth contemplating – these are what occasionally change our business or even the world – but, we cannot and must not pursue too many.

Similarly, most of us have both professional and personal “to do” lists, right?  Guess what, they are TOO LONG!

Many of you know I perpetually keep a note card and pen in my breast pocket.  My “to dos” are on it, plus, jotting notes-to-self helps my sometimes suspect middle-aged memory.  As I type there are 13 personal items on my list.  Too frigging many!  Consequently, I worry it takes me longer to get everything done by not limiting the number.

If you have five things on your list, reduce it to three!  If there are 10 things on your list, reduce it to three!  You’ll accomplish those three faster and THEN be able to focus on the next three.

Said differently, don’t allow the distractions of the urgent get in the way of the very IMPORTANT.

Most of us let the “urgent” (email, social media, etc.) consume our day w-a-y too much!

Let me overreach and suggest one item I hope is in your Top Three list:

  • Focus on selling the QUALITY of your audience more than the quantity.

There are a zillion media metrics most sell with.  No question they are an important part of managing your business.  However, most of the time a quality audience is more valuable to a prospective customer than a zillion of anything.

This becomes even more vital as we in the media world increasingly prioritize consumer revenue.  We have an upscale, well-educated, involved and affluent clientele!  Perhaps declining, but we’re working on that, too, right?!  The quality story will resonate with customers and prospects so let’s not forget it!

One final thought this month.  Seeing the black hole image brought this to mind…

Everyone remembers where he or she was (if alive) when truly significant historical events occurred, right?  When JFK was shot or 9/11 or when we first landed on the moon?

So, think about this –

- Where were you when you took a step (s) to help SAVE democracy?  If you’ve not done so yet, where and when will you take such steps?

There’s little I can think of more important and every one of us is in a position to play a role, so good luck and God’s Speed.

“See” you in May!

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