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Welcome to 2019:

Figure I better start off the year right.  What am I doing?  Sitting in a bar!  Loyal readers (the handful of you!) will know - THIS is where I do my best work!

I’m in the Atlanta suburb of Hapeville.  Near the airport.  I found Volaré Bistro & Wine Bar on Yelp.  Like many of you, I grew up depending on word of mouth or traditional advertising to make such dining decisions, yet now I increasingly count on W.O.W.  Word of Web.

[Sidebar:  Many Beyond the Horizon readers can lean on their education and experience with traditional advertising channels to make BETTER restaurant selections when using crowd-sourced platforms like Yelp.  Others (younger generations) don’t have such “filters”, so "informed" decisions are more difficult.  If all they count on are algorithmically generated solutions or 5-star ratings without the experience there are NO instincts or history to act as guides or filters.  PLEASE think on this – can media help?  Or, perhaps we have our content and sales executives ranked similarly?]

Enough Digression …

My holidays were spent mostly unplugged and visiting Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.  Thanks to the friends, communities, climate, wine, food, sights, scenes and experiences, we had a MEMORABLE escape.  Amongst all that fun there were two Beyond the Horizon worthy moments to share>

  1. Perhaps this is commonplace, but it was NEWS and a first for me.  In Melbourne, there is a 90 story apartment complex under construction.  Yet, here’s the wrinkle – owners already occupy residences on floors 14 through 30, while construction continues above them.  There’s some very clever engineer who figured out how to begin taking ownership months before the project is complete.  He probably got a raise, too.

Think about what it would mean to Home Owner Association dues, financing (construction and mortgages), cash flow, marketing and, yes, insurance.  What a clever, clever development.

2.  Check out the upscale jersey, baseball cap, sneaker, streetwear and sports store called Culture Kings.

(Context – I asked the concierge in our hotel where I should buy a hat since I planned on being outside – beach and wine tasting, of course – in the Australian summertime)




Imagine:  There was security scrutinizing and limiting the flow of entering shoppers.  What we would call a “bouncer” - at a merchandise store!  The 8,000 square foot, multi-level store had a DJ and long lines to check out and CSR’s on ladders retrieving product and was literally wall-to-wall with consumers spending $100’s of dollars on t-shirts and jerseys and baseball caps.  It was amazing!!

No, I’m not saying Amazon should run and hide, but I am saying very traditional businesses CAN energize and tweak their model in ways to excite their customers.

If a decades-old construction method can be transformed and a sports apparel store can exude the vibe of an Apple store on steroids, is there some VarIaTION on a ThEmE traditional media ought to try?

Any thoughts?

Happy New Year to all!  May the year be full of all you seek and even a little bit more.


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