Beyond the Horizon


Greetings to all:

Since my August Beyond the Horizon, I’ve attended two conferences and had countless interactions with newspaper executives and sales personnel.  There were lessons aplenty, so let me share my favorites…

Stay focused and emphasize what you do best!

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses.  Far too often one (in biz or personal life) tries to improve whatever it is you don’t do very well.  However, it turns out a much better use of time is to focus on doing whatever it is you do best and less time and energy trying to “shore up” skills you don’t have or don’t do well and probably don’t enjoy much either.  Outsource ‘em or job share whatever it is, but ZERO IN on the things you do best and that’ll improve your overall performance. Plus, have the very cool side benefit of making you happier along the way.

Silent Sell Sheet

(I just love this variation on an old theme!)  Just about everyone in media sales has used “single sheets” to sell special sections, one-off initiatives or as leave behind collateral material.  Reimagine them as Silent Sell Sheets, instead!  Ideally, such materials should do more than simply inform; shouldn’t they also help us sell!  Take a look at what you go to market with through this lens and see if most can be much more persuasive?

Mission Statement

There’s not an organization that doesn't have a Mission Statement or Vision or both.  Many will have cum-bah-yah sessions or corporate retreats to craft theirs and nurture buy-in throughout the organization.  That’s all well and good.  However, let me make your life infinitely easier with a SIX word mission statement that can apply to any business (or to you individually) and it’s a KILLER!

Mission Statement in 6 words: 

Excellence Always.  Wow NOW.  People First.


Need I say any more?

Pick a Strategy and Stick with it!

I find this to be so intuitive yet SO hard to do and I'm just a single-shingle plying my trade.  In an industry like newspapers, with reduced resources and top-line revenue challenges, it would be infinitely harder.   




Ignore the latest and greatest shiny object or siren-like bell and whistle and focus on one thing.  Or, just a few!  As an example, be relentlessly, maniacally focused on customer solutions (and prospects) and only consider bright and shiny new objects if they further this customer centricity.

Advertising as Membership

Admittedly, this is merely an idea.  However, I think there’s a very real there here.  Newsrooms and content providers around the land are deep diving into the membership model and creating unique experiences for their most loyal users. What would that look like if we did something similar for our most loyal advertising partners?  I’ll look forward to your thoughts.

(Hey, I just come up with the ideas in the hope someone will run with ‘em and magic will happen!

Those are my thoughts for today – I’ll stand by for yours!


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