Beyond the Horizon

APRIL 2023

We made it to April!

The showers (flooding?) of March and April, plus, actually attending a conference (human interactions, presentations, cocktail parties, oh my!) stimulates most of the following for your consideration.  I’ve tried to source it where possible yet don’t claim much accuracy …

From one of the coaches interviewed after making it into the Final Four – “This is a tourney of dreamers!”

Another said, “…Train ‘em, then trust ‘em!”

  • Businesses should strive to create “moments of truth” that make for great customers.  (Think about this one!)

ALL the additional information (mis?) we cope with and consume today dramatically increases uncertainty.  Humans (clients, customers and organizations) are less prone to act while constantly searching for clarity.  Those who help stand to benefit!

  • Let’s be sure we are not collectively walking off a cliff!

IF one extends the runway enough, can you take off again?

Here are two cool and related notions from the MEGA Conference in Dallas:

  1.  Using ChatGPT to write longer Life Tributes, therefore generating more revenue at less expense!
  2.  Approximately 15% – 20% of Life Tributes are placed in multiple newspapers.

(For those who have not heard me bang this drum, the phrase Life Tributes is what most call “obituaries”.)

As long as we’re talking MEGA, let me dust off another recurring and I believe VERY IMPORTANT theme…

Seeing the myriad partners supporting the industry reminded me there is ALWAYS more than one solution.  What is infinitely more important is the joint leadership and execution related to that partnership!  Find a good partner, leverage and communicate with each other well, focus on fundamentals, lead by example, display a smidgeon of discipline, then succeed and celebrate.  ‘Nuff Said!

  • “Relationships lead to revenue!”

(What a simple, yet profound statement!)

However, let me riff on – Therefore, MORE relationships lead to even more revenue and, guess what, MORE referrals.  That’s just another way of saying Prospecting is the KEY to prosperity.

I worry there’s far too much effort to add a service or digital solution to what is being sold and not NEARLY ENOUGH focus on finding MORE customers.  Tell me it ain’t so!

Let me wrap up by citing someone who knew a thing or two about selling:

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

-- Sam Walton

No matter what solutions you are providing and problems you are solving and regardless of who your prospect is, if the results are unsatisfactory, go BACK and listen again, and you might find an answer.

Good Luck!

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