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Thanksgiving Tidings!

A one-of-a-kind month paved the way for these November Nuggets, so I’ll be eager to see what you think …

The relevant backstory - on November 5th the Papert’s loaded up their SUV with enough clothes and gear for five days, added their four pups and headed off to their new home in Milford, Michigan.  You read that right!

Lots of time for reflection, contemplation and more than a few podcasts as we navigated the 2,406 miles and five Hampton Inns (pet friendly, plus Hilton loyalty points!).

These came to mind>

  • We live in a wonderful country!  No question there’s a fair amount of weirdness and polarization and even extremism to contend with, but one cannot help but be delighted to call the US of A home.
  • 99.99% of the people one encounters are or want to be good or nice and want to "do what's right"!  They might be having a rotten day, or their work duties might prevent a pleasant interaction or cause them to seem indifferent but put yourself in their shoes.  It ain’t “all about me” all the time.
  • To be clear, we interacted with folks of all stripes (Justice Thomas might not know what “diversity” is, but we did diverse!) during our trek and as we moved into our new digs.
  • There’s beauty everywhere!  Towards the end of Day #4 this is how we wrapped up our drive.  As if the Moon was guiding us to our destination!

  • We saw 62% more Amazon trucks than Walmart.  Not 100% what that means, but one of the games we played along the way.
  • Did you know it snows in Michigan?  Turns out this is even a bigger problem for our four-legged friends than for us!
  • We’ve now met many of our neighbors, found a nice watering hole, started to understand the aisles in “our” grocery store and might as well have squatter's rights in the Home Depot, so I know this for certain, CHANGE = GOOD!  [So why do so many resist change strenuously?]

With the holidays around the corner, let me “extend” each of you my greetings for a glorious year-end.  I’m sure there’s enough promise and goodness and opportunity to share if we recognize how fortunate we all are!

Happy Thanksgiving All!

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