Beyond the Horizon

JULY 2022

Summer Greetings:

Ok, I’ll go first, but before doing so, I simply must share highlights of suggested laughter metrics; all from one loyal reader.  (Thanks, KC!)  You will love these!

Metric Tons of Mirth (MTM)

Titter Time (TT)

Side-Splitting Shenanigans (SSS)

As some conceivably know there’s also a medical condition which can lead to uncontrollable laugher (or crying) called PBA which stands for Pseudobulbar Affect.  Not a candidate, but given that mouthful, certainly warranted mention.

For now, I’ll stick with Daily Chuckle Rate (DCR) as I think it important we are capturing how many chuckles/laughs/smirks in a day.  Agreed?

Confession:  I thought my count would be higher!

Over the month I found my DCR average to be around 15 per day.  Unsurprisingly, more in group/social interactions or weekends and less when much (all?) of the day was working from home.  Curiously, I’ll admit something like 35% - 40% of those yuks was me laughing at me!!  Not sure what that means, but there you have it.

A final point:  MOST of the guffaws were because an event, action, something I read or observed or a joke that “tickled my funny bone”.  That’s certainly how I envisioned DCR, but I wonder, does laughing AT an absurd decision or bizarre action generate the same positive dose of dopamine?  It certainly seems like we are experiencing more, “All you can do is laugh!” situations!

And you?  Who will share?


With this newly created DCR based upon observation, it struck me I should revisit a few of the observations you’ve encountered within this enewsletter and remain as valid as ever:

  • It still blows me away that so many office and mobile voice messages don’t identify the person you are calling!  What is wrong with you people – get with it!
  • True confession – this applied to me until very recently – “headshots” on Linked In profiles that are ancient.  Have you looked at yours recently?  After multiple friendly jabs, I updated my 23-year-old photo with a current image.  (Where did all that grey come from?)  Undoubtedly, I’ll now get far different pokes in the ribs, yet it was certainly time.   How old is yours?
  • “No problem” is not – repeat NOT – the response to someone saying, “Thank you”.  Just say, “You’re welcome” and I promise that your reply will be more meaningful.
  • Bonus suggestion:  Say “Thank You!” more frequently!
  • Live in the Moment!   This IS an increasingly difficult challenge.  It was hard enough to stay focused on the NOW (and the who!) before devices and social media invaded our lives, but it’s an absolute imperative and we must do better!

Take a look at this image:

This was taken midway through an outdoor Barenaked Ladies concert and this dude spent 10 – 15 minutes reading something on his phone.  For Pete’s Frigging Sake!

We’ve all seen a table full of folks texting and not speaking to each other; or, maybe parents over-relying upon an iPad as a babysitter?  I’m sorry these simply make no sense.

Seriously, TALK to your table mates, would you?  Ask your kid an open-ended question about her day with a follow-up “why” or “where” or “who” or “what” question to engage and interact. For that matter, do the same thing to adults!

Despite having a few more “observations”, let’s call this a wrap!  Under 600 words is always my goal and this is precariously close now.  Besides, you’ve got some folks to TALK to, don’t you?

Safe Summer Wishes,

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