Beyond the Horizon

JUNE 2022

Happy Summer Musings:

I’ve got an idea to share (oh no, not again!) but let me first set the stage …

A week ago, I was wrapping up a workout at “my” Planet Fitness.  Off came the gloves, I began putting on my sweatshirt and packing up my gym bag and as I walked around a row in the locker room there was a fellow member aggressively “shadow boxing” in front of a full-length mirror.  Grunts and groans, with jabs and uppercuts and precise bobbing and weaving.  Yet, most surprisingly, he was buck naked!

If I wasn’t worried about the “repercussions”, I would have laughed out loud.  Let me assure you, it was quite a vision.

That’s when this idea came to mind – how cool would it be to track the number of times you laugh each day?  What would that info tell you?

What would you call this?  Perhaps the Daily Chuckle Rate (DCR?) or LPD (Laughs Per Day) or Smirk Count?  You follow my thinking - suggest away!

Here’s why this is worth monitoring and a good idea>

  • Everyone reading this can likely cite studies, research findings or even first-hand experiences suggesting smiling and laughing are beneficial.
  • For more reasons than we care to dwell on, there’s been less laughter of late.
  • We all know what gets measured, gets done!

Start tracking laughs!  Even a smirk to yourself will count and help deliver a micro-dopamine rush your brain can always use.

What’s your count?  Single digits?  Does it go up during weekends?  At nighttime?  When you are on holiday?  How often are you laughing at yourself – there’s a good one!  One might even argue, the ability to laugh at oneself is the most important type of laughter!

Here’s your assignment – think about and share any names for this life-saving metric, but more importantly, Keep Track!  From June 15th when this hits your inbox till the next Beyond the Horizon arrives on July 13th what is your average DCR?  On average how many laughs, big grins, smirks, and chuckles do you have per day?  I will be asking!

  • Does the fact you’re focusing on this cause it to increase or decrease? 
  • Do you have a better outlook and attitude with this metric in the back of your mind?
  • Are you feeling more creative?  Happier?  Better?  Stronger?  Optimistic?

We could really be on to something.

P.S.  I wonder if smart watches or fitness trackers could somehow measure one’s Daily Chuckle Rate?  Now, that’d be interesting.  Real data!


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