Beyond the Horizon

APRIL 2022

You've Been Too Easy on Me!

Earlier this year I pledged to return to my more positive and promising thoughts yet have failed at fulfilling this miserably.  Most will understand why this is the case given the general state-of-affairs, but please, Do Not let me off the hook so easily …

In many a sales training I’ve shared something like this, “…one of the beauties of most face-to-face sales calls is that for the period of time you are presenting or engaging a prospect even the most disagreeable curmudgeon (you know who you are!) can display a good attitude, be excited about the proposed solution and perhaps even listen?!”

If you want to be good at sales you CHOOSE to do this, right?  Even when it doesn’t come naturally.  Therefore, I CHOOSE to present an optimistic outlook today.  Who knows, I might even "listen" if you respond?

The opportunity to do something that delights, is meaningful or special has never been more profound – are you making the most of it?  Personally and professionally?

Let me rattle off a handful of easy to do ideas or thoughts or things to think about that will make you smile:

  • Say “Thank You!” more often.
  • Live conferences are back – 99% of this is good!
  • Small town living with old-fashioned parades and people who greet you on the street!
  • If I believe my spam filter, Wormhole has been “preapproved” for a $712,000 loan.  How cool is that?
  • Retail sales have increased!
  • Unemployment is down.
  • I was just in Texas and can tell you the bluebonnets are in FULL bloom.
  • Open and hold that door for the folks behind you
  • Smile – show those pearly whites!
  • The next time you go through a McDonald’s or any fast-food joint, pay with a $20 bill and ask the cashier to apply any extra amount to the car (s) behind you!

Think of this as an update to Julie Andrews singing the Rogers and Hammerstein classic, FAVORITE THINGS in the Sound of Music.

These notions f-l-o-w-e-d out in seconds.  What do you have?  Want to feel better or improve your attitude?  Then, by golly, CHOOSE to do so!






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