Beyond the Horizon

MAY 2021

May Tidings to You:

I don’t know whether it is because spring has sprung or that COVID “winter” is beginning to thaw, but I am feeling a hint of optimism.  Here’s why…

…My email reply rate (ERR) has skyrocketed up to 17%!

…The voice message response rate climbed to 27%.

…Best of all – the real reason for my optimism – several lapsed clients have returned, PLUS, there are two very promising new initiatives in early launch mode.

…So, what are you waiting for?  Join all this fun and success why don’t you?  I’m counting on others to prolong these “good times”!

This optimism-fueled adrenalin rush has my creative juices flowing (to the extent they ever do) so let me burden you with several notions I hope stimulate your creativity!

  • I think this is a Seth Godin paraphrase, but I totally dig it: “…Taking notes isn’t nearly as important as taking leaps!”

We’ve all been in more (video) meetings than ever, which has translated into more note taking, yet the important goal is to DO SOMETHING.  Notes and words help and certainly a part of our communications with all stakeholders, but actions and experiences (new product launch, acquisition, hire, termination, new campaign, acknowledgment, kudos, etc.) are what win the hearts and minds of both internal and external “customers”.

  • NOW is the best time in history to be prospecting and approaching businesses for the first time!  Don’t you agree?

The communities we serve are emerging from uncertain times and entering an uncertain “new normal”.  Therefore, a trusted media expert should be an invaluable resource.

Normally, it would be as simple as carving out time to find and engage new.  However, with smaller sales forces something like this is far more probable - “I’m carrying an average of 60 active accounts each month, so how do I add more?”

Please ponder two notions:

  1.  Self-serve advertising – this was all the rage in classifieds once upon a time and I’ve seen local media take a stab at it again via a “marketplace”, but there is a very real there here IF someone can only make it user friendly and effective.
  2.  The bigger play will be selling business service subscriptions.  Is anyone headed in that direction? 

Right now, we are thrilled to acquire any new account!  More than likely in a month or two this customer churns out or must be resold (not another special section?!!).  This cycle is unending!  Why not license advertising or services so we create a more predictable recurring (what a great word!) revenue stream?  That’s the ticket!

  • Consider – in 2017 only 2% of work was done from home (Bureau of Labor Statistics); in May of 2020 that number had ballooned to 42% (research done by Stanford professor Nicholas Bloom).

Instead of “surviving” or “getting by”, what are you doing very differently to THRIVE in this new reality?  Sure, many will return (part-time?  Several days a week?) to an office, but that number will NOT return to 98%.

This means leading in new ways, and, of course, hiring teammates with different skill sets.  The flip side might mean terminating those who don’t or choose not to adapt. 

We must be publishing (broadcasting, distributing, you name it) different content and news and information and products and services for our far more significant working-from-home consumer or colleague.  Doing so based upon altered customer and employee needs, timelines and expectations.

  • Finally, let me paraphrase a quote from Ajay Banga, Mastercard CEO, which I feel is relevant to our oh-so-different new world: “…use the fact you are different in a constructive way.”

While Mr. Banga was referring to his Sikh upbringing, methinks the message is important and applies to post-pandemic planning…

…What are organizations (all stakeholders) doing to “fill” what was commute time?

…If we no longer have big corporate offices or headquarters (once a lease runs out) how do we reallocate those dollars most meaningfully?

…Virtual sales calls were very different, but how do we continue the good which came from that virtuality?  I can see HUGE time savings, by continuing to leverage technology to stay in touch with customers, can’t you?

…What different skills are you recruiting to leverage your new (they are “new”, right?) go-to-market plans?

Here’s hoping you are riding a similar optimistic wave.  Let me hear all about it.

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