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I recently offered to connect a “gym” friend (don’t really know but see all the time while working out) with someone who might help find appropriate assisted living for her mother.  We were in workout gear, so I scrounged around for a pen and something to write on so I could accurately capture contact information.

A few are no doubt immediately asking the same question I eventually did, “Didn’t you have a phone with you to “write” with?”  Of course, how else would I listen to my Spotify or Pandora workout tunes?!

Yet, as many know, old-fashioned me perpetually carries a pen and note-card in my breast pocket and I’ve done so for as long as I can recall.  For Exactly These Sorts of Situations! 

The thought never crossed my mind to capture, record, save this info on whatever device I almost always have with me.

Pen-on-paper vs. finger-to-screen vs. voice memo?  Is one “solution” right and the others not so much; one preferable?

Nope - They’re Just Different!

Something new, even if it replaces a 30-year-old-good-habit or activity does not make it BAD or GOOD.  Usually, there are trade-offs:

  • Adoption may take time, but once “new” is learned be far more efficient!
  • Perhaps “it” is more expensive, but will be more reliable and last longer?

You get the idea.

Here’s what this experience reminded me of, and I firmly believe – any paradigm or routine or habit does not and should not mean FOREVER.

Change simply for the sake of change is rarely a good idea.  However, resisting change for no other reason than it is new ain’t too smart either.

The moral and my sincere hope for all - If EVER there was a time to accept/consider/embrace and even encourage DIFFERENT, I’d say,




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