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Greetings, All:

It’s been quite a while since I’ve said this but, “…I’m sitting at a bar…”

And, it doesn't get much better!  This is the outdoor bar at the restaurant named Serēa facing the beach at the Hotel Del Coronado in Coronado, CA.

What was so interesting to observe is that in this phase of lockdown one must order food to buy a drink if you want to stroll out to the beach or saunter around the eye-popping grounds.  So, what has Serēa done?

Once the situation is explained, there were endless variations on, “…may I just buy a bag of chips?”

It turns out the ready response is, “Yes!” and there’s a prepared recyclable premium-priced box of “chips” ready to go!

(BTW, the hotel is reportedly at 100% occupancy or close to it every weekend)

So, what’s my point?  (Unfortunately, it’s the SOS!)

Simply this – if a 132-year-old hotel can react and successfully adapt to the ever-changing and fluid COVID-19 crisis SURELY others can as well?!

I’m not so sure!?

As a quick reminder (or, for those that don’t know):

  • While at the Papert Companies (15 years) we literally sold or facilitated HUNDREDS of millions of advertising dollars in approximately 500 middle and small market newspapers;
  • During my 10-year Belden tenure, we did hundreds of strategic and market studies, PLUS, were at the forefront of  attempting to understand and guide newspapers towards a more digital and customer-centric future; and,
  • In the last decade I’ve evaluated (and represented) innumerable technologies and companies plying their wares to the industry.

I am not, repeat NOT attempting to toot my horn, but simply to emphasize, I KNOW THIS SPACE!  How many one-time research geeks do you know who theoretically know how to sell?

When convinced something should work or a connection is worth making, it is built upon a solid, experiential (too many years?), and in many cases, a data-driven foundation.  That’s why it saddens me to share this –

  • After my offer in last month’s newsletter to share either a sure-thing money-saving idea or generate remarkably more local business penetration ONLY TWO readers expressed interest in learning more.

Only two - - - out of 2,000 recipients (630 opens) said, “…tell me more.”

If the old axiom applies and “…desperate times call for desperate measures”, I must be missing something?  Don’t these times rise to that threshold?  Or, is everyone simply too busy and putting out fire-after-fire to explore an opportunity worth pursuing?


Let me change gears completely and offer a post-election (mostly) observation:

Without Disagreement there’s NO Progress!

I’m not arguing there should be disagreement simply for the sake of disagreement and firmly believe the words “CIVIL” and “RESPECTFUL” should universally apply, but think about it>

  • IF those pesky colonists didn’t disagree with the Crown, there wouldn’t be the United States of America;
  • IF Galileo didn’t disagree with the accepted misconception (and the Church) the galaxy would still “revolve” around the earth; and,
  • IF Beethoven hadn’t disagreed with the established symphonic structure we wouldn’t have the glorious Ode to Joy that still gives me goosebumps.

It’s aokfine and perfectly acceptable to disagree with friends, loved ones and others.  I’d submit disagreement is healthy!  Yet, that assumes you’ve legitimately tried to understand the perspective you are disagreeing with.  And, the discussion has been respectful, considerate and that all involved attempted to GENUINELY LISTEN, because, by golly, you might just learn something!

Happy Thanksgiving to All ~ may it be blessed and filled with family and friends and an entertaining and polite disagreement or two!

P.S.  On several occasions I've mentioned how much I like The Skimm.  This daily feed that has a real "voice" I feel certain resonates with readers and drives success.  Check it out:  The Skimm.

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