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Labor Day weekend – and the funky times we’re living in - provided the inspiration for these observations.  I didn’t do much else over the three-day break but did bang out this enewsletter and queue it up for distribution.  Here’s hoping everyone had an enjoyable holiday!

I can still hear my Dad, “…it takes far fewer muscles to smile than to frown, so why don’t you smile more?”  I think of him as I consider this rhetorical question - Is it worth whatever effort it takes to smile nowadays when that smile cannot be seen behind a mask?

(See the P.S. for my thinking!)


Let me, um, talk about articulated pausesYou know, those unconscious phrases or words we pepper our conversations with that add zero meaning to what we’re saying and are often actually distracting!  You know what I mean?   Words like “um” and “like” and “so” and “to be frank” and “you know” and the, “er”, the list goes on.

Perhaps it just seems like there are more instances of these blights upon our language since we’ve all participated in more virtual meetings, but I just had to say something.  Suspect I’m guilty, too!  Most of the time all it takes is someone to bring this verbal faux pas to your attention and there’s significant improvement.  Consider yourself notified.  Now, Stop That!


Something else I’ve noted in these webinar rich times?  Everyone needs to update their “headshot”!  I’ll pick on yours truly again.  I’ve had the pleasure and honor of participating in several online sessions and didn’t think twice about sending my “latest” smiling image.  However, as many asked in jest, “…Is that a picture of you from 20 or 25 years ago?” 

Confession…I checked, and the picture is 23 years old!  While I’d like to think I’ve aged gracefully and that my hair still a rich, luxurious brown and proceeding, not receding, there’s likely a smidgeon of wishful thinking going on.  I promise to update mine, but you must, as well.  Maybe this’d work?


Consider what Michael Hansen and colleagues at Cengage have done…

…They decided a subscription model (sound familiar?) that leveraged their entire portfolio of published materials would make more sense than selling expensive textbooks that typically only get used for one year by each student.  The result?  They now have 2.6 million subscribers paying $179.99 (do the math!) and, more importantly, have thus far saved students/parents $200,000,000!  Check it out at Cengage Unlimited.

If the stodgy and venerable textbook publishing industry can create a meaningful recurring revenue model, SURELY traditional newspaper media can do the same, right?  I’m both betting and cheerleading this WILL happen.

To get your creative juices flowing in an effort to do just that, follow this link to see images of the Way Cool underwater greenhouse British sculptor Jason DeCaires Taylor created off the coast of Australia.  You can find it HERE.

Enough for now ~ go do something GREAT and INNOVATIVE and FUN - thanks for reading!

P.S.  I think the answer is an emphatic YES.  You are smiling to express YOUR emotion, so it makes zero difference at all if the smile cannot be seen!

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